"If you don't have a Tailwind Ewe you better get one" ...said by a wise Utah Rancher.

2017 Indiana State Fair 1st Place "Fine wool" fleece. Tailwind genetics.
Duane Brubaker Family, Indiana with Res. Supreme Fleece over all breeds (150 fleeces in show) at 2015 North American, Louisville. A Tailwind bred, born and reared stud.
Chapman Polled January Ram Lamb (RR) from the 2015 National Show & Sale. We will breed him to our Bobb Bros 6093 (RR) daughters!

2nd Place yearling Ewe at 2009 National at Minot sold to Amy Joslin, Ohio .

Leah Bauer's Tailwind Ewe Champion at San Angelo and Reserve at Houston purchased as fall ewe lamb at Minot National 2009.

Rambouillet Sheep

"Brauny" Bobb Bros. 6093 RR
2011 Nat'l Jr Show Res. Champ.

Tailwind Farm specializes in producing high quality registered Rambouillet and commercial breeding stock.

Buyers of Tailwind Farm Rambouillets can expect, due to genetic selection, that their purchased animals will perform predictably in the showring or as seedstock.

Both our registered flock and our commercial flock are based on production. We have kept records on all ewes since 1978 traits such as: mothering ability, multiple births, out-of-season lambing, hardiness, longevity and milk production.

Stud rams from the Tailwind Farm flock have been used by the following universities: Brigham Young University, Utah State, University of Nebraska, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin and Purdue University.

We sell our wool to a regional warehouse where each fleece is graded and select fleeces are available for sale to spinners.

We are always available to answer your questions. Delivery can be arranged to many locations in the United States, contact us for further details and our current sale list.

Sale List updated 08/29/17

For Sale: 4 March/April 2017 Ram lambs, 1 horned by Chapman D-150, RR
We will start fall lambing Sept 1st and will have weaned ewe lambs by Dec. 15th
Taking orders now.


Thomas Family, Edgerton, Wi. 5 Registered Fall 2017 Ewe lambs
Martin Gonzales, Wilington, Ill. 4 fall 2017 Ewe Lambs, 2 Ram Lambs
Diamond K Sheep Farm, Clinton, Wi. 10 feeder lambs
Lavern Yoder Buck, Creek, Iowa 1 horned yearling ram, 2 fall 2016 ram lambs
Elizabeth Pullen, Princeville, Illinois 2 registered late spring ewe lambs
Ryan Seppanen, Saxon, Wiisconsin 1 polled March ram lamb
Amelia Jetton, Johnstown, Ohio 1 Spring ram lamb by Bobb Bros 6093
Valley View Farm, Edgerto, Ohio 1 Spring ewe lamb
Jeanie Bustle, Mayville, Mich 2 Spring ewe lambs, twin sisters
Martin Gonzalez, Illinois 2 Spring ewe lambs, 4 feeder lambs
Joseph Yoder Manchester, Iowa 3 yearling Rams, QR son of D-150, 2 RR sons of Bobb 6093
Gerry Greving, Beloit, Wi. Yearling Ram, RR Twin
Jim Greving, Clinton, Wi Yearling Ram, QR, Triplet
Old Sword Farm, Pennsylvania 1 yearling ram, Micron 19.8, RR
Paul & Susan Brooks, Michigan  2 ewe lambs
Allison Hunter, Indiana 2 January ewe lambs
Roger Wilkenson, N. Freedom, Wi. 1 stud ram
Evergreen Farm, Marshfield, Wisconsin 2 ewes
Austin Hoefs, Burlington, Wisconsin 12 ewes & 1 stud ram
Worsely Farm, Elroy, Wisconsin 1 stud ram
Casey & Jason King, Elk Mound, Wi. 2 ewes & 1 stud ram
Martin Gonzalez, Wilmington, Ill 1 Horned ram & 3 ewe lambs
David Hammer, Cuba City, Wi. 1 stud & 1 ram lamb
Shea Farm, Gettysburg, Pa 2 ewes & 1 stud ram
Emily Jetton, Johnstown, Ohio 10 registered fall ewe lambs
Mark Johnson, Sandwich, Illinois 5 grade fall ewe lambs
Sorghum Creek Farm, Wisconsin 1 yearling Ram
Diamond K Sheep Farm 10 fall feeder lambs
Jackson Luedtke, Appleton, Wi. 1 fall born yearling ram & 1 stud ewe

Many of the above rams microned 22 and '64's' and 7of 8 were RR.

Taking orders for March/April Ram lambs by Chapman D-150 RR of Bison, SD
and a few select ewe lambs by Bobb Bros 6093 RR.  Many of these lambs dams
lambed fall 2015 and bred back 42-50 days nursing lambs and are lambing again
in April/May at 178% after 158% in the fall.

Contact us for more information on sale animals.


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